As a leader of global coating industry, Sherwin-Williams has always adhered to innovation and quality of product. We continue to develop new eco-friendly architectural coatings, improve performance and quality of our products as well as durability, adhesion and overall performance. We pursue not only the excellence of quality, and also environmental protection, to create green, eco-friendly, and low-VOC products.

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Interior Coatings

Interior coatings are mainly designed for interior wall. Based on your needs, Sherwin-Williams offers a variety of gorgeous colored, eco-friendly, low odor, durable, and long lasting interior coatings.

Exterior Coatings

Exterior coatings are mainly used for the decoration and protection of exterior walls of commercial buildings, hotels, schools, and residential. Our products are eco-friendly, harmless, weather resistant, waterproof, ventilate, long lasting, and effectively protective.


As the first layer of coating system, our primers are used to improve the adhesion and richness of topcoat, offer alkali resistance and corrosion prevention, ensure that topcoat is evening adsorbent, so that the coating system can play its best effect.

Wood Coatings

As a coating that is mainly used on wood products, our wood coatings satisfy consumers’ functional requirements for various wooden decorations. Sherwin-Williams continuously introduces eco-friendly, harmless, scratch resistant, color and gloss retention, ease-of-use, and quick drying series of products.


Floor coatings, of which the main effect is to beautify and decorate the floor, has outstanding characteristics such as impermeability, dust-proof, ease-of-disinfect and clean, etc. The flooring systems of Sherwin-Williams are widely used in terminals, offices, hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, supermarkets and other public places and commercial establishments, and can be used as light-load industrial plant floor. Our flooring systems are bright, looking real, eco-friendly, pretty, scratch resistant, waterproof, and corrosion resistant.